Staffing Solutions


We always put you, the Client, first

GSSG Staffing Solutions recognizes that our Clients are the most important part of our organization.

We have built our service on quality assurance, team development, and personal ownership. We can deliver functional and successful services where others fail, due primarily to placing our entire focus on the client’s needs and perspective.

GSSG Staffing Solutions management approach with the Quality Program is simple; to create and develop highly skilled and trained managers to operate individual vendor relationships. GSSG Staffing Solutions understands the demands to provide service that is beneficial to the client, beyond just the simple scope of work.




When you hire a Recruiting & Staffing company you are essentially choosing a partner.

Your Recruiting & Staffing provider should be an extension of you – the same work ethic and dedication.

Every legitimate Recruiting & Staffing company has similar costs of doing business; payroll expenses, office, insurance cost, licensing fees, training, recruiting, phones, tax, and other overhead are just some of the factors which help determine the price a Recruiting & Staffing company charges for its services.

Outsourcing your Jobs is no longer about cutting cost and saving money. It is about finding the right Recruiting & Staffing partner to do thing effectively and more efficient while maximizing your long-term budget