Tier 1 Security

Tier 1 Security was established in 2012 and remains one of the most respected professional organizations in the industry. With a proven track record, Tier 1 Security has developed a comprehensive service strategy built to increase client satisfaction.

What makes Tier 1 Security BETTER?

We cultivate a TEAM environment focused on involvement, commitment, and dedication. Our goal is to hire and retain the best and brightest trained professionals in our industry. Our mission statement has essentially remained the same since our inception.

The demand for better security personnel will always be the foundation for change. As a result, expenses continue to rise and cost is more relevant today than it has ever been. While most security companies compromise by hiring inexperienced personnel, Tier 1 Security has taken the opposite approach working smarter and looking only for the best and the brightest, additionally allowing our partners (clients) to assist in the hiring of Officers working their property.

We look for other ways to limit turnover, by creating more opportunity from within, and integrating technology. We realize that compromising our personnel will compromise performance, and our brand integrity in delivering quality Service .

It is our desire to lead the Security Industry. We believe that Hospitality, Training, combined with the latest technology implemented using a cost effective approach is the future of our industry.

Our strength is successful integration